Your Situation

  • Puddle(s) in your lawn?
  • Wet and Soggy lowspots?
  • Overly wet lawn areas unmowable?
  • Downspouts dumping water near your house?
  • Sump line discharge a nuisance?
  • Icy sidewalks from downspout runoff?
  • Landscape mulch washes away after rainfall?
  • Landscape plants dying from excessive water?

The Solution

Michigan Drain Tile has 23 years experiance in solving standing water problems of all kinds. Drain Tile, French Drain, Catch Basin? Every situation is different. We will examine your site and recommend real answers based on years of success.

Our Process

  • Onsite property survey
  • Pre-installation customer review
  • Hand digging - Minimizes landscape damage
  • Laser Transit use - Insures proper water flow
  • Hard Pipe - Prevents crushing
  • Built in air gaps and clean-outs
  • Landscape & sprinkler repair included
  • Outstanding site clean-up