Standing water can be a real nuisance. Constant puddles are unsightly, kill turf and promote mosquitos. Low and shady areas are hard or impossible to mow. Many homeowners have poor grading around the house. Consequently water from downspouts and sump lines don’t flow away as they should. This can cause moisture problems and leaks into your basement resulting in black mold and costly damage. Downspout water often has to cross sidewalks which is a real safety issue during cold winter months when this water turns to ice. Standing water in your landscape beds will kill shrubs and trees faster than lack of water. These problems are real, but there is a solution… Michigan Drain Tile Company!!!
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June 18th, 2014 Jetstream Landscape & Irrigation P.O. Box 682 Grand Blanc, MI 48480 Attention: Kurt Litton Dear Kurt: Just wanted to take a moment and let you know how happy we are with the drain tile system your company installed on our lakefront property. The ground on the lower portion of our property abutting the lake has been soggy, marshy mess for years. I believe there also is an underground spring on the northern portion of our property that was an especially difficult area for moisture. Often, after heavy rains, and/or after the spring thaw much of our lakefront was not usable. Generally speaking it would not be until late July that that part of our property dried out (with the exception of the spring which always remained moist). You promptly came to my home, gave me an estimate and within a week of my acceptance of your proposal, Jetstream was at my home installing the drain tile system. After the first day (and prior to completion) my husband and I were amazed at the drainage occurring. On the second day of installation (and completion) we could not believe the difference it had made. Three days after completion we were able to walk across our yard without sinking, drive our golf cart across it, and mow the grass without getting stuck. Father’s Day at our home was a hit, because of Jetstream, it gave us the ability to use our lake frontage comfortably… which is what we brought our home for. The installers were polite, friendly and very accommodating. When there was some confusion – between my husband and I – as to where the excess dirt should be placed they were more than willing to change the location for the excess even though it was in a more difficult place to dump the dirt. All with a smile, and a “no problem.” They were willing to reload a couple of the piles of dirt already dumped and move it, even thought it was no error of theirs. The work area was left neat, and even our area we wanted the excess dirt was raked out, leveled and seeded – which we did not expect. I highly recommend Jetstream to anyone experiencing drainage problems. It is my understanding that Jetstream also provides landscaping and irrigation services. I will not hesitate to return to Jetstream for any further work to be done. Thank you again, you have helped making our dream of lake living, come true. Respectfully, Darlene Frost

We would like to express our thanks for the wonderful job you did on our drain tile. Since our house sits partially down a hill, we were concerned the water coming off the hill would compromise our house’s foundation. Your drain tile system has alleviated the situation and given us piece of mind.

Julian & Christine Jaracz